Goliath Learning Center is an educational entity that offers an individualized learning experience.

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  1. Flexible Schedule
    Flexible Schedule
    We offer flexible hours for our services. August-May Hours: M-F: 4p-9p CST Sat: 9a-3p CST Summer Hours: Contact Us
  2. Individualized Learning
    Individualized Learning
    We offer 1-on-1 sessions for all students. These sessions will be very individualized and will cater to the learner's needs.
  3. Virtual Sessions Available
    Virtual Sessions Available
    We offer convenient online sessions via Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime.
  4. Affordable Services
    Affordable Services
    We offer our services at a flat rate. Check our pricing page for rates.
  1. We Travel to You
    We Travel to You
    Tutors will travel to the student. This option makes it convenient for both parents and learners.
  2. College Advising
    College Advising
    In addition to academic tutoring services, we offer assistance with the college application process. These areas include: application support, essay editing, financial aid.
  3. Homework Assistance
    Homework Assistance
    Academic tutoring can also include homework support.
  4. Test Prep
    Test Prep
    Preparing for a test? Great! We offer State Test Preparation and study skills for upcoming exams.